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hether in your personal life or in the life of your organization, what gets in the way of creating what you want is youYou can have all the knowledge and ability necessary and all the best intentions and still sabotage yourself in non-conscious ways.

This is because everyone has a filter, through which s/he processes information and experience, based on genetic predisposition and early childhood environment. By the time we are adults, this filter is so ingrained in us that we don’t even know it is there. It accounts for blind spots – those things about us that others see but we don’t, blocks – those things that keep us from being our best selves, and triggers – those things that set us off into negative reaction instead of being able to stay present and in conscious choice about our actions. Blind spots, blocks and triggers are the secret saboteurs in our life. They keep us from being what we want to be and getting what we desire.

Our work with you begins by assisting you in discovering your Personality Filter Type.  What makes this so powerful is that it is based on a system of knowledge (the Enneagram - a Greek word meaning nine pointed diagram) that focuses on the motivation that lies beneath behavior. By understanding not only what you do, but why you do it, you increase acceptance and compassion for yourself. This leads to less resistance in your life and the ability to change in powerful, positive ways.

Once you find your Personality Filter Type  we work hands-on with you to:

  • Recognize and release negative, habitual, kneejerk reactions
  • Dissolve blocks
  • Connect with your strengths
  • Maintain your motivation
  • Increase effective, efficient communication skills
  • Become aware of the unconscious reasons you have had for staying "stuck"
  • Resolve and reduce conflict both within yourself and with others
  • Accept and appreciate change 

What this means for you is that, instead of feeling constricted or restricted, you feel a calm looseness, an ability to sense and respond to what is happening now, instead of what happened years ago. You release resistance and replace it with a deep acceptance of yourself and others. This allows you to put your energy into living your life to the fullest instead of wasting energy in fear, doubt, worry, anger and resentment. 

For organizations, the benefits of our work are reflected in higher functioning teams, faster conflict resolution, stronger leaders, and a happier work place…all of which increase your bottom line.

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