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Turning blind spots into bright spots!

About us

Jaye Andres and Linda Frazee 

Jaye Andres, MBA and Linda Frazee bring over 35 years combined experience to facilitating clear communication between individuals and within organizations. They are experts at redirecting conflicted energy towards positive, creative solutions. With extensive knowledge and resources, Jaye and Linda support individuals and organizations in releasing patterns of stuck energy, which improves efficiency, productivity and satisfaction.
Linda and Jaye  assist individuals, professionals and organizations in discovering their blinds spots, triggers and hidden motivation that can sabotage desired results and goals.


What We Do

We are committed to assisting individuals and businesses thrive. We use the Personality Filters as a basis for our work in order to help individuals understand themselves and others better. Our work goes far beyond personality typing. It is about using what you learn about your blind spots, blocks and triggers to deepen and expand your life, to move through stuck areas - once and for all!

We custom-design our programs to meet your needs. We use creative, participative approaches that involve you on all levels - mind, body and spirit.

Here are just a few of the applications of our work:

  • Adapting to Change
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Clear, Dynamic Communication
  • Employee Engagement
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Bringing out the Best in Leaders
  • Managing Time and Stress
  • Deepening Relationships
  • Reaching your Goals
  • Following Through
  • Living Freely and Fully 

We  look forward to working with you!    

Read what others have said about our trainings:

"I can unequivocally share with you that judges and administrators in this court have consistently and repeatedly said that Linda and Jaye's knowledge, style, competence, and dedication to the subject matter were apparent and appreciated. Their wit, serenity, and deep knowledge of the material helped attendees at these sessions get a better understanding of their capacity and privilege to engage in personal growth and become better public servants."
Noreen Sharp
Special Deputy Court Administrator
Maricopa County Superior Court, Phoenix, AZ

"It was very interesting to see how people can work together and do things so totally different and yet come to the same outcome. I really believe that now that we have gone through your program many of us will be more patient with each other as we realize we all just have a different way of reaching the same goals. The combination of the Personality Filters and Ethics was fantastic. It was quite a learning experience. Thanks again for a great afternoon."
Karen Jensen
Judicial Assistant Trainer/Coordinator
Maricopa County Superior Court, Phoenix, AZ

"Linda and Jaye are unique and special in their abilities to facilitate the Personality Type process. Their knowledge combined with their business background makes for a powerful presentation where insights abound. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with them!"
M. T. Tempe, Arizona

"Although we know the value of team building and the importance of understanding the motivational forces that drives each of us, it is not often that a presentation such as yours gets to the heart of the issue. Your presentation was insightful and engrossing. The skills, which you discussed, will be extremely beneficial as we work together in trying to communicate with the public in a time of crisis."
Marvin Davis
Public Affairs Coordinator
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Washington, DC

"Your program certainly set the positive mood for our conference. The upbeat presentation and your enthusiasm carried over to our breakout sessions. This is a development program that can be used in all aspects of business."
Robert Van Cleave, Director
El Paso County Dept. of Social Services
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"We greatly appreciate the guidance you provided on a subject with which even attorneys need help. We feel that overall it was a worthwhile experience and it was obvious that we were attempting to get out of our individual “boxes” the next day at our retreat."
Robert Wilson
President of Pendleton & Sabian, P. C.
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Denver, Colorado

“At 77, I thought I knew all there was to know about myself until I was introduced to Personality Filters! What a delight to discover such an effective and fascinating system. It has made a big difference in keeping me focused on what’s important to me.”
M. A. E. Mesa, Arizona

"Until the (workshop) I fought judgments about my co-workers and husband’s behavior every day! My acceptance and compassion for others has grown enormously since I learned about Personality Filter types. I now recognize and appreciate the gifts others bring to all my relationships."
J.S. Class participant

"The best part about the system is its practical application. I actually can put to use the insights I’ve gained with amazing results."
D. M., Annapolis, Maryland

"The focus on developing the inner self brought an important dimension to our conference. You offered a wealth of useful information to the attendees. Those in attendance certainly came away from it far wiser and better prepared to meet the challenges of today’s professional world."
Ann Kelly
VAFE President
Reston, Virginia

“We have been able to minimize potential conflicts with one another and have received solutions, practical tools and results through participating in this well prepared, highly professional, supportive program.”
Andrew Cohen, Vice President
Pulse Engineering
Beltsville, MD

“The members of my department spend many hours in professional and personal development workshops and classes each year and it is difficult to find something new and interesting to present. The custom designed program presented was exactly what we were looking for.”
Carol A. Lord
Denver, CO

“We would like to thank you for an excellent presentation on “Challenge & the Dynamics of Change” at our Senior Staff Retreat. The participants found the subject matter to be extremely interesting and the material was certainly relevant to current events in our organization. The effectiveness of the seminar was greatly enhanced by the outstanding knowledge and presentation skills.”
Joe B. Rankin
Director of Human and Financial Resources
Dept. of Health & Human Services
Washington D.C.


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